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How many models of the swivelwheel system are there?
    There are numerous models of the Swivelwheel system available with new models in the works. Available systems include the  Swivelwheel-58 , Swivelwheel-58DW, Swivelwheel-46 and Swivelwheel-ECO systems.
How do I order a swivelwheel system?
The system may be ordered from Fast Master Products, Inc.
 Toll Free: (866) 794-8357    
Tel: (281) 391-6750         Fax: (281) 391-6760       
How does the swivelwheel system attach to my tow vehicle?
All of the Swivelwheel System models include hitch mounting hardware that installs and locks into the existingClass-IIIor Class-IV receiver hitch on the tow vehicle with
a grade-8 bolt. This allows us to take any play out of the hitch assembly. The Swivelwheel-ECO system hitch will install into any Class-III or higher receiver on the tow vehicle. There are two pivot mounting points that mount the system to the supplied hitch mount. This allows for variations in tow vehicle hitch heights. The below left photo shows the standard two point hook-up. The below right photo shows the optional dual receiver hook-up. The dual receiver hook-up also includes two additional receivers to be added to the tow vehicle.
     The Swivelwheel-58DW system only utilizes a Dual Receiver "Rotational" Mount . This mount allows the two tires to remain on the ground at all times while making turns. With a fixed mount, one tire would leave the ground while turning. Single receiver mounts will not be allowed. Two additional receiver tubes are shipped with each system for mounting to the tow vehicle.
    With the three front pivot mounts, the system will pivot up and down while driving over uneven transitions and driveways. They will not allow the system to swing from side to side.
How does the Swivelwheel system track  as I am driving down the road?
    While driving, the wheel will swivel to accommodate for the turns. As the vehicle turns, the wheel assembly rotates to allow for the system to track with the tow vehicle. Under some circumstances, you may not be able to see the system when driving. Be aware that the system is behind you at all times.
When turning with the system attached to a pickup or SUV, keep to the inside corner as much as possible to allow the system to turn with you and also to allow for the slight additional length being turned. If towing behind a fifth wheel trailer or motor home, remember that you now have the added length behind you and accommodate for the additional swing.
How do I adjust the front deck when attached to my tow vehicle?
    The system mounting hardware has adjustment holes to accommodate for the height in the receiver hitch on the tow vehicle. If the vehicle has had a lift kit installed, the system may not level properly.
How do I load a motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, etc, onto the deck of the Swivelwheel system?
With the swivel wheel in the backing position, the deck will lower slightly. When the loading ramps are in place, and the vehicle rides up onto the ramps, the deck will lower even more so, giving only a slight angle to maneuver. Once the vehicle is loaded and tied down, and the swivel wheel is returned to the traveling position, the deck raises to the traveling position.

    The Swivelwheel-58, Swivelwheel-58DW and Swivelwheel-46 may be loaded from the rear or sides.

    Always center the load on the deck platform. If loading ATV's onto the deck from the rear, it is best to load then forward. Do not back the vehicles onto the deck. Remember, the front of an ATV is much heavier than the rear. If loading two units rearward, you could create an unstable system and develop adverse tracking. Do not load ons side considerably heavier than the other side. This is not usually the case with one motorcycle, one ATV, etc.

How do I store the swivelwheel system when not in use?
How do I obtain technical support, service and parts for the Swivelwheel system?
All ordering, technical support, customer service, and parts are handled through Fast Master Products, Inc.
Toll Free: 1-(866) 794-8357       
Tel: (281) 391-6750         Fax: (281) 391-6760      
Why does the Swivelwheel system have an 8" tire?
    The 8" wheel allows for the lowest deck to ground height for loading and traveling. We tested a 12" wheel assembly and the deck height went from 24 3/4" to 29 3/4".
Why would I purchase a Swivelwheel system over a standard ball hitch trailer?
    Granted, standard trailers usually have a higher load rating than we are talking about with the Swivelwheel systems, but most motorcycles, ATV's and golf carts fall into the Swivelwheel parameters. For an example, if you have an 800 pound HD Road King motorcycle and are pulling a standard ball hitch mount trailer behind your fifth wheel travel trailer, a couple of things happen.
The bike trailer will swing from side to side while driving.
You cannot back up if you get into a tight spot where backing is required. The second trailer will Jackknife instantly.
You may have an extended length issue in some states or RV parks.
You may have to disconnect the bike trailer and park it in another location to get into an RV space.
    The Swivelwheel systems were designed to eliminate these issues. When attached to the fifth wheel trailer, the system cannot jackknife. It is attached in two points at the front of the system. The Swivelwheel product can pivot up and down at the front for road and driveway transitions, but cannot swing from side to side. If you back up, the Swivelwheel system tracks with the tow vehicle, whether it is a fifth wheel trailer, pickup, or motor home. There is no fishtailing of the system. The overall length is reduced.
What can I transport on the Swivelwheel deck?
    Originally, the system was designed in response to requests to transport a full sized motorcycle behind a fifth wheel travel trailer. The system can be used to transport numerous products such as 4-wheel ATV, gas powered golf cart, riding lawn mower, etc. Just about anything can be moved with the system as long as it is within the weight limit and is contained within the deck perimeter.
Why a gas golf cart and not an electric golf cart?
Gas golf carts weigh much less than electric. I know that the manual for the EZ-Go electric golf cart specifies a weight of 560 pounds without batteries. With batteries, we weighed our EZ-Go cart on calibrated race car scales at 1005 pounds. You might say that your splitting hairs with a 1000 pound weight rating and a 1005 pound load, but there are other things to consider.
The front of the cart weighs 345 pounds and the rear of the cart weighs 660 pounds due to the batteries. This is a total of 1005 pounds
When the golf cart is loaded onto the Swivelwheel-78 trailer in the forward position, the bulk of the weight is going to be behind the wheel assembly which would offset the trailer loading ratio and create adverse handling while pulling
If the cart were backed onto the Swivelwheel-78 trailer, now the weight is transferred to the front and with the weight of the golf cart and trailer, the tongue weight will be beyond most fifth wheel trailer specifications as well as receiver hitch's below a Class-IV specification. You would have to have at least a Class-IV or better receiver hitch to handle the associated weights
    With the introduction of the Swivelwheel-58DW systems, an electric golf cart may be transported. Remember, the tongue weight could be about 750-800 pounds with an electric golf cart. Please check to see if your trailer can handle these weights. 
Note: The Swivelwheel-78 system is no longer available and has been deleted from the product line.
What is the weight capacity of the Swivelwheel systems?
    The Swivelwheel-58 system has a load capacity of 1000 pounds. The load is distributed over the entire deck surface.
    The Swivelwheel-58DW system has a load capacity of 1200 pounds.
    The Swivelwheel-46 system has a weight capacity of 600 pounds.
    The Swivelwheel-ECO system has a weight capacity of 500 pounds.
What replacement tire do I use with the swivelwheel system?
    The Swivelwheel ECO, Swivelwheel-46, and Swivelwheel 58DW tire must be replaced by a 5.70 x 8" " D " Rated, 6 - Ply , Highway Speed Trailer Tire. The Swivelwheel-58 tire must be replaced with a 5.70 x 8" "D" Rated 8-Ply Tire. 
Always maintain the proper tire inflation pressures .
Most tire failures are due to over or under inflation. This tire is rated for 1075 pounds at 100 psi cold. Tire pressures of 20 pounds under the tire manufacturers specifications will result in approx. 150 pounds of reduced carrying capacity.  This reduced tire pressure will also increase the amount of heat generated within the tire, thus increasing your chances of major tire failure. This is not just related to the Swivelwheel system. It relates to all tires. Most people have a bad taste for 8" tires from the old trailer days. Usually boat trailers. These tires used on the older trailers and on some still to date, were a "B" rated 4-Ply tire, This tire would not handle the loads nor the  heat generated by today's highway speeds. We have pulled the Swivelwheel system thousands of miles around the country without a flat tire at near maximum loads. 
Special Note:
I contacted Carlisle Tire in regards to the 5.70 x 8" tire that we use on the Swivelwheel product. They told me that the tire was speed rated at 65 mph. In questioning the "Highway Speed Trailer Tire" description for that tire, and that some states have a 75 mph speed limit on the freeways, what would be the outcome with those speeds with the tire. They told me that with the added speed, extra heat could build up within the tire as with any tire. He said that most trailer tires (including all "ST" special trailer tires) are rated for 65 mph unlike auto and truck tires which can be rated for over 100 mph. Also, along with the increased speed, depending on the outside temperature, road surface temperature, and road surface conditions, these factors could relate to excessive heat buildup and possible failure. Understand, this is a factor related to any trailer tire, not just the one used in this application. With this being said:
ALWAYS  make sure that the tire has the proper inflation pressure (cold) before starting any trip. This is true with any tire be it a car, truck, or trailer tire. In this case 100 psi with the Swivelwheel tire.
Release air from a hot tire. If you stop at a rest area and check the tire pressures and find that the pressure is above the stated maximum, leave it alone until the tire cools completely. That increase is factored into the tire. If you let pressure out of the hot tire you will be adding more heat to the tire due to added surface area to the ground, increasing your chances of failure. Once the tire has cooled it should drop back to the set pressure unless you have a leak in the tire.
The Swivelwheel-ECO system is shipped standard with a 4.80 x 8", C-Rated, 6-Ply highway speed trailer tire. This tire is a 90 psi tire at 760 pounds. The 5.70 x 8" D-Rated, 8-Ply tire is optional, but is not needed.
What type of suspension does the Swivelwheel system have?
    The Swivel Wheel system incorporates a 360 degree rotating Torsion axle suspension system. This gives the smoothest ride available. Unlike a spring suspension system that needs a shock obsorber to counteract the rebound associated with the spring, the torsion has no rebound effect.
  Note: if you are looking at a 1000 pound carrying capacity system, but are only going to carry a 500 pound load, let us know. We could shorten the torsion suspension in order to soften the ride.
What is the Swivelwheel system frame made out of?
    The frame is welded rectangular tubular steel. It is powder coated with black semi-gloss paint.
What will happen to the Swivelwheel system if I have a flat tire?
    If you pull trailers long enough, you are going to have a flat tire experience. The Swivelwheel system is no different. If you have a flat while driving........change it! It is no different than having a flat on a two wheel trailer.
    There are a lot of proclaimed experts on products out there on the internet forums. Some will say that the system will throw your bike off of the trailer if you get a flat tire. The fact is, the Swivelwheel system cannot start fishtailing from side to side due to one bad tire. The Swivelwheel system will only track with the tow vehicle. The worse case would be that you would grind down the wheel rim over time. You can do that with a standard trailer. I have had numerous flats with our show trailers and RV's.
    Some customers have added tire monitors to their RV's. These monitors constantly check the tire pressures in all vehicles monitored. If the tire drops below approx. 12% of the operating pressure, or goes flat, there is a signal generated on a display to warn you. One such system can be found at
You would not want to use the Smart Tire system since their software is always looking for a pair of tires and cannot monitor one tire only.
What routine maintenance do I need to perform with the swivelwheel system?
   Maintain the bearings and proper tire pressures at all times. This is no different than any other product with a wheel.
What is the availability of the Swivelwheel system?
    All three Swivelwheel systems are in stock, and under standard conditions, ship within 24 hours. For current Lead Times gives us a call at 281-391-6750
What is the ship time from time of order?
From date of order:
Swivelwheel-58 = 24 Hours

Swivelwheel-58DW = 24 Hours 

 Swivelwheel-46 = 24 Hours

Swivelwheel-ECO = 24 Hours
What tow vehicle may I use to tow the swivelwheel system?
    The Swivelwheel-58, and Swivelwheel-58DW systems may be towed by any full size pickup or full size SUV. They may also be towed by any Class-A or Class-C motor homes or fifth wheel travel trailers that meet the specifications.
    The Swivelwheel-46 may be towed by any vehicle that allows the installation of a Class-III receiver hitch. The systems have not been tested behind a standard tag along travel trailer.

    The Swivelwheel-ECO may be towed by any automobile with a Class-I receiver or higher.

What documentation comes with the Swivelwheel system?
    All Swivelwheel systems come with a Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. All systems are registered and labeled with a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) number per SAE regulations.
What kinds of tongue weights should I expect with the Swivelwheel system?
    Tongue weights vary with the system and weights associated with that system. An example of a tongue weight using the Swivelwheel-58 system with a 690 pound HD Fat Boy centered on the deck is shown below.
Weights with HD Fat Boy Motorcycle
HD Fat Boy Motorcycle (Centered)   690 Pounds
System Weight                                    404 Pounds
Weight at the system tire                  574 Pounds
 Total Weight                                       1094 Pounds
  Tongue Weight                               501 
Will the use of an 8" wheel increase my chances of having bearing problems?
    No! Most people remember the 8" wheel associated with old boat trailers. These had specific problems due to hot bearings being dropped into cold water. This creates a vacuum allowing for water to enter the hub. That was only the beginning. Most people do not maintain their trailer bearings....
The bearings need to be inspected and repacked when necessary. Most trailer manufacturers recommend that the bearings be repacked every 10,000 miles or yearly. If the bearings are maintained and adjusted, you should not have any problems. We have
"NEVER" had a bearing issue with any of the system models.
Will I have to license and title the Swivelwheel system in my state?
    You need to check with your state DMV / DOT licensing office. Some states do not require trailer licensing if under a specific weight rating. For example, the state of Oregon or Montana do not require licenses since the system is under 1500 pounds gross. The state of Arizona does not require licensing. Do not be fooled by competitive systems that claim that their single wheel or dual wheel system does not require a license. You must check with your state DMV office for information. If the Swivelwheel system must be licensed in some states, competitive systems must also.
Will the wheel assembly on the Swivelwheel system begin to flutter like a grocery cart wheel while I am driving down the highway?
    No!  I have heard a number of RV park chatter and internet forum chatter about how the wheel will "go crazy" and act like a shopping cart wheel while driving. The system was engineered to eliminate the possibility of caster flutter while driving. We all have a little engineer in us, and there are a lot of proclaimed experts out there. People remember the single wheel trailers from way back when. Actually, since 1948! Technology allows us the ability to generate a product to counteract the possibility of having the caster wheel flutter. This was not accomplished overnight! It took many late nights and weekends to complete the design.
Is the use of the Swivelwheel system in conjunction with my fifth wheel travel trailer considered a "Triple Tow"?
    Fastmaster products, Inc. does not consider the Swivelwheel system a trailer. We consider it an extension of the tow vehicles existing frame since the system cannot swing from side to side like conventional ball mount trailers. The system must track with the tow vehicle. We have done extensive searching for the definition of a "Trailer". The definition is all over the board. It would be best to consult your state for more information. To date, we have never had a customer stopped and ticketed for having the Swivelwheel system being pulled behind their trailer, and that's been over 12 years now.
 There are basically 22 states that do not allow triple towing. These are the entire east coast from Maine to Florids, Oregon, and Washington. All other states do allow it for fifth wheel travel trailers. There are a greater number of states that do not allow triple towing with bumper pull travel trailers. Most do not allow ball to ball towing. A good source of state by state towing laws is available by clicking on the following link.
. There are numerous sites available, but this one appears to be more complete. Check with your state DMV office for licensing requirements. For example, if you reside in California, you are required to have a change in your drivers licenses for triple towing.
Does the Swivelwheel system have lights?
    Yes! The system has all necessary lights installed. There are running, right and left turn, and brake lights. There is a 4-wire flat connector for interfacing with the tow vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a 4-wire plug, adapters are available upon request.
NOTE: All states require either lighting or flagging all loads or accessories extending beyond 48" from the rear of the tow vehicles tail lights these are department of transportation regulations.
    California Regulation #24604:
Whenever the load upon any vehicle extends, or whenever any integral part of any vehicle projects, to the rear four feet or more including extended platforms.
beyond the rear of the vehicle, as measured from the tail lamps, there shall be displayed at the extreme end of the load or projected part of the vehicle during darkness. In addition to the required tail lamp, two red lights with a bulb rated not in excess of six candlepower plainly visible from a distance of at least 500 feet to the sides and rear. At any other time there shall be displayed at the extreme end of the load or projecting part of the vehicle a solid red or fluorescent orange flag or cloth not less than 12 inches square.