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  • How do I purchase the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader?
The Cruiser Ramp system may be ordered by contacting Fast Master Products, Inc.
Tel: (866) 794-8357    Fax: (281) 391-6760
  • Who do I call for technical support, service, or parts for the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader?
All technical support, parts, and service may be directed to Fast Master Products, Inc.
Tel: (866) 794-8357    Fax: (281) 391-6760
  • How does the Cruiser Ramp system install into my pickup bed?
The pickup loader is installed by adding four rivet nuts into the pickup bed. All of the needed components are provided with the system. These are very low profile inserts and will not hinder the use of the pickup bed with the cruiser ramp system removed.
  • Which pickups are compatible with the Cruiser Ramp system?
The Cruiser Ramp system will install into any pickup bed with 42" between the wheel wells, and a standard bed length of 5'-6", 6'-6", or 8'. This includes step side pickups as well as the Chevrolet Avalanche and like vehicles as well as mid size pickups such as the Dodge Dakota.
DODGE 1500 / 6'-6" BED LENGTH
  • How far forward is the motorcycle loaded into the pickup bed with the Cruiser Ramp system?
The Cruiser Ramp system will place the motorcycles front tire to within 1 1/2" from the front bed rail. This also depends on the front tire size loaded into the locking wheel chock. The below photo is with a 95th anniversary HD Fat Boy loaded into the bed of a 2005 Dodge 1500 pickup with 6'-6" bed length.
  • What is the maximum pickup bed height that the Cruiser Ramp system will install into and function properly?
Most standard pickup bed heights. The system has been tested up to 39" in height. Higher may be achieved with modifications.
What is the weight capacity of the Cruiser Ramp system?
The Cruiser Ramp pickup loader has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds at present. We have had numerous requests for trikes being loaded into 8' beds. This has its possabilities, but we need a trike here to do the measuring and engineering.
  • What is the frame finish on the system?
All Cruiser Ramp system are furnished with a black semi-gloss powder coat finish.
  • What is the warranty of the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader?
The Cruiser Ramp pickup loader carries a one year warranty.
  • Do I have to remove the Cruiser Ramp system in order to close my tailgate with the bike removed?
With the motorcycle removed, the tailgate may be closed with all Cruiser Ramp systems without having to remove the loader.
  • Do I remove my tailgate in order to load my motorcycle with the Cruiser Ramp loader?
The tailgate remains on the pickup when loading into a 5'-6" or 6'-6" bed length truck. The tailgate may be used or removed to load a motorcycle into an 8' bed length truck. The tailgate may be closed with the motorcycle loaded on an 8' bed truck with selected bikes.
  • Can I install the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader into a mid-sized pickup such as the Ford ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, or Dodge Dakota?
The Cruiser Ramp system will now fit into a pickup with a distance between the wheel wells of 42". This was reduced from 48".
Can I pull my travel trailer with the Cruiser Ramp system installed and bike loaded?
If you have an 8' bed length, you can pull a travel trailer. With the 5'-5" and 6'-6" bed length, the tailgate needs to be down with the motorcycle loaded. The second photo below shows the tailgate removed. This can be done if the bike is too long to keep the tailgate attached.
  • Once my motorcycle is loaded, where do I store the ramps?
Once the motorcycle is loaded, the loading ramps store into the supplied holders that insert into the stake bed holes in the pickup bed side rails.
  • If I change pickups, do I have to purchase another Cruiser Ramp system?
No! If you are transfering the cruiser Ramp loader into another pickup bed with the same length, the system will transfer. If you are changing the bed length, all that is needed are the right and left side bed tracks.
  • If I purchase a Cruiser Ramp system, how long is it before it ships to me?
The Cruiser Ramp systems ship within 24 hours fron the time of order. In most cases, they have shipped same day.
  • How is the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader shipped?
The Cruiser Ramp pickup loader is shipped via truck on a 4' x 8' pallet. The system is completely assembled except for the wheel chock which installs with two supplied bolts. The loader is ready for installation into the pickup bed.
  • What is the shipping time for the Cruiser Ramp system.
Shipping times depend on location. Some examples are:
Florida = 2 days
Chicago = 2 days
North carolina = 2 days
Los Angeles = 2 days
San Francisco = 3 days
Seattle = 3 days
Boston = 3 days
  • Where should I have the Cruiser Ramp system shipped?
Best recommendation is to have the system shipped into a location with a forklift. The system may also be shipped into the closest Old Dominion trucking terminal and held for pick-up.
  • Is the Cruiser Ramp pickup loader covered under a product liability insurance policy.
Yes! All products manufactured by Fast Master Products, Inc. are covered by Product Liability Insurance.