It is the policy of Fast Master Products Inc. to offer the highest quality products at the best possible prices.
 All products are fully assembled and tested prior to shipping, this reduces the possibility of the unfortunate surprise factor of not receiving a part or having a malfunction out of the box. Unfortunately, Murphy could still raise his ugly head. We are proud of our quality controls and our customer service. If an issue does arise with one of our products, such as freight damage, missing parts, etc. Please contact us soon as possible. Toll-Free # (866) 794-8357 or Email :
Freight Damages must be reported on the bill of lading and Fast Master Products Inc. must be contacted within 24 hrs in order for us to file freight claims with the carrier. 
Note: Fast Master Products Inc. reserves the right to automatically bill any additional freight charges, that where not disclosed at the time of ordering. Such as Trade shows, Residential, Lift-gate Services, Farm etc. 
   All of the products manufactured by Fast Master Products Inc. have been tested under adverse conditions. Use of these products beyond the realm of their testing, my cause damage to the system, or personal injury.
Modifications or changes made in any product manufactured by Fast Master Products, Inc, without written consent from Fast Master Products, Inc. will void the warranty, product liability insurance and returns associated with that product.
The Cruiserlift system was designed for  Class-A Rear Engine Diesel Pushers.
Fast Master Products Inc. doesn't recommend using any motorcycle lift with a fifth wheel or any vehicle not intended for a lift due to capability issues and damage.
If an individual installs a cruiserlift system onto a fifth wheel or a vehicle not intended for a cruiserlift, without our knowledge or permission, or if the customer uses the Cruiserlift without the receiver package that is designed for the lift.  Those systems will not have the protection of our product liability insurance and the warranty will be voided.
If you decide to use an unknown installer for Fast Master Product Inc, please download the installation instructions :  CRUISERLIFT-Coach Install Requirements under the Literature heading and review the instructions with the installer. If said installer decides that they cannot install the system once the product has been shipped and delivered, this does not constitute as a return of the system. It is up to the customer to make sure that the systems can be installed by their installer before purchase.
Fast Master Products, Inc. realizes that certain circumstances may arise beyond anyone's control in which a Cruiserlift or Cruiserramp may not be able to be installed onto a specific motor coach or vehicle. We try to overcome this problem with our in depth questioning about the coach, vehicle, etc. We can inform you as to the coaches or vehicles that the Cruiserlift and Cruiserramp systems have been installed on. With that being said it is still up to the customer to make sure the install can be done before purchase.
The Cruiserlift and Cruiser Ramp are not returnable or refundable after 7days from the time the customer receives the system, or if it has been installed or used.
Customers will be responsible for freight during the return process. 
Invoiced freight charges are non-refundable
There will be a 30% restock fee for any returned product.
The Swivelwheel system was not designed or tested for towing behind another towed vehicle, behind a motor coach. 
The weight and mass of the Swivelwheel in conjunction with a towed vehicle behind a motor coach may cause the combination to become unstable and uncontrollable.
The Swivelwheel systems are not designed for travel trailers and not recommended.
The Swivelwheel systems if purchased for a fifth wheel - the requierments for the fifth wheel are 30ft or more with a dry weight of 10,000 or more. If a customer new or used uses the Swivelwheel systems not at the recommended specifacations or in any of these scenarios, or in a way the systems is not designed for. Fast Master Products, Inc. will not be held responsible for damage or injury from such a combination of use.
RETURNS:  Swivelwheel systems are a titled product, once the title is cut and issued to the customer the system is non-returnable or refundable.
Due to the nature of our systems we are unable to always keep 100% up to date with the towing laws in every state. However, we designed the Swivelwheel product line around the classification of a trailer therefore we do not consider the Swivelwheel product line a trailer. Since we view it as a carrier platform and not a trailer, we view it as being legal in every state. However, it is up to each states discretion on how they interpret the law. FMP will not be liable for any penalties that may incur.
The swivel wheel and suspension is a proprietary product of Fast Master Product Inc. but can be sold separately with Fast Master Products Inc. permission. Once sold and shipped it can not be returned or refunded.   
Dealer Poilices:
All dealer sales are non-returnable or refundable.
It is up to the dealer to make sure that the systems are being installed on the right vehicle and that the install can be done.
If a dealer is not sure, you can reach out to Fast Master Products Inc. for more information before purchasing.
It is up to the customer to research the desired product and specifications prior to purchase, TO MAKE SURE ALL SYSTEMS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THEIR MOTORHOME, FIFTH WHEEL AND OR VEHICLE. All information about a specific product is available on this website, such as literature, product specification, photos and frequently asked questions. 
If more information is needed before making a purchasing decision, please contact us so we may assist you in your questions or concerns.
In regards to the finding an installer for the Cruiserlift, we have a network of installers around the country. 


 Fast Master Products, Inc. COD or Freight collect shipments will be refused unless otherwise directed to do so by Fast Master Products, Inc. management.
All returns must be in sell-able condition. When packaging and banding, make sure that the components do not come in contact with each other and scratch the painted surface. All parts must be returned.
If the product will not be installed for a period of time, make sure that the system is located in an area where damage will not occur while waiting for the install.
Please Note:
 If there is any freight damage noted upon delivery, note the damage on the freight bill and contact Fast Master Products, Inc. right away with the information. We will need a copy of the bill of laiding with the damaged mark on the sheet.
This must be done within 24 hours to allow us to file a freight claim with the carrier.
If available, take pictures and email them to
If this procedure is not followed, we must assume that the damage occurred after the delivery date.
WARRANTY POLICY :  All systems (Swivelwheel, Cruiserlift , CruiserRamp)  have a one year warranty from the date of the original invoice. NOTE: In addition, Warranty is not transferable from the original owner of the system. 
In the event of warranty replacement parts, we will bill you for the part being sent to you unless otherwise directed by Fast Master Products, Inc. management. Once the defective part has been returned to Fast Master Products, Inc, and found that it was a warranty issue, you will be credited for the charge.
The defective component must be returned within 15 days, or credit cannot be issued.This policy has had to be implemented due to the following reason.
As other manufacturers, some of our components are purchased from outside vendors. These vendors also have a warranty return policy. When we send a part out under warranty, and do not receive the defective component, we cannot file a warranty claim with that specific vendor for repair or replacement under their policy deadlines.