The ultimate single wheel carrier system for your motorcycle, ATV, golf cart, go cart, etc. The Swivel Wheel Transport System is a new single wheel design "type" system, available for interfacing with selected tow vehicles and Fifth Wheel Trailers with a Class-III Receiver or more.
Be Aware! Since the introduction of the Swivelwheel product line, and the raised popularity of the product, other manufacturers have copied our Swivelwheel (implied trademark) name and posted it on their web sites, calling their products Swivelwheel.
    The Swivelwheel systems do not include the adverse effects of a bumper pull trailer, which is the ability to jack-knife when backing or fishtailing while driving. The Swivel wheel system will always track with the tow vehicle whether in the traveling mode or backing up. This is especially important when attached to a fifth wheel travel trailer. With other trailers, the second trailer must be disconnected prior to backing the fifth wheel trailer. If the circumstances are just right, this tends to be a major problem. When the fifth wheel trailer is backed up with the Swivel wheel system attached, the Swivel wheel system tracks in a straight line with the fifth wheel trailer. No need to remove the Swivel wheel system to back up.
There is a weight capacity of 1000 pounds with the Swivelwheel-58 (Single Wheel) systems. The SwivelWheel-58DW, and the Swivelwheel-58DW Tandem Tow(Dual Wheel) Systems have a weight capacity of 1200 pounds.
There is a 600 pound weight capacity for the Swivelwheel-46 system. The Swivelwheel-ECO system has a capacity of 500 pounds.